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Anarchapulco Returns Promoting Freedom and Cryptocurrencies

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On Feb. 14-17, 2019 the fifth annual Anarchapulco conference, dubbed “Life Unchained,” will be hosted in Acapulco Mexico. During previous Anarchapulco events, the pro-freedom and liberty event dedicated a whole day to blockchain innovation and cryptocurrency solutions, but this year all four days will have a devoted focus on digital currencies.

Anarchapulco 2019: Life Unchained

Anarchapulco is coming to Mexico again and this year’s lineup of speakers is filled with well-known libertarians, economists, and cryptocurrency advocates. This February’s event will mark the conference’s fifth year and every one has been bigger than the last. Organizers are expecting more than 3,000 guests to spend four days near the sunny beaches of Acapulco at the world-class Princess Mundo Imperial resort. Participants will hear keynote talks about entrepreneurship, investments, and politics alongside discussing important topics like cryptocurrencies, philosophy, health, and sustainability.

The Anarchapulco lineup of speakers this year includes popular freedom activists such as the Dollar Vigilante’s Jeff Berwick, former U.S. Senator Dr. Ron Paul, AIER editorial director Jeffrey Tucker, anarchist philosopher Larken Rose, syndicated columnist Judge Andrew Napolitano, and Unschooling Advocate Dayna Martin. Speaking with news.Bitcoin.com, Anarchapulco organizers explained that per usual, cryptocurrencies will be an integral part of this year’s event. For instance, the conference is the only crypto event that accepts digital assets for both tickets and hotel reservations. “Through our online payment portal we can accept any of over 800 currencies as payment,” explained Anarchapulco’s Community Producer, Dayna Martin.

“Anarchapulco is really pushing for the whole community to create real life marketplace opportunities for exchange,” Martin added. “The everyday use of crypto as a currency strengthens the overall viability and continued growth and Anarchapulco encourages this daily.”

Our desire is to share the message and applicable tools for every living person to live a life unchained from physical, mental and financial freedom — Decentralization of the banking system through blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash are an important tool for just that.

Jeff Berwick: ‘Cryptocurrencies Are a Key Factor Toward a Free World’

Anarchapulco will have a lot of familiar activities hosted at prior events like a poker tournament that will be held In the Cryptopulco Lounge. The four-day conference will feature other special ventures like the “Tiger Ayahuasca” ceremony and “Candles in the Dark” with Larken Rose and Amanda Rachwitz. There will also be plenty of activities lined up for families and children like the sandcastle and fairy house building on the beach.

Jeff Berwick, founder of The Dollar Vigilante and host of the popular video podcast, Anarchast.

Anarchapulco plans to be a freedom-focused event for all ages, conference founder Jeff Berwick told news.Bitcoin.com. Unlike some conferences that claim to promote liberty by working with governments, Berwick explained how Anarchapulco puts an emphasis on true freedom.

“With the growth of governments worldwide, all the wars, central banking impoverishment and daily reductions in individual freedoms there has never been a more important time for the growth of the voluntaryist/anarchist movement,” Berwick told our newsdesk. “While other conferences may call themselves ‘freedom’ events there are no others that outwardly are calling for complete freedom like Anarchapulco.”

Berwick further noted that the fact that the conference has doubled in size every year for the last five years shows that there is a growing awakening and the answer to many of the world’s problems today lies in the complete abolition of government and central banks. Cryptocurrencies are an integral part of engendering economic freedom. Berwick concluded by saying:

For the last three years, we dedicated one day of Anarchapulco to cryptocurrencies, called Cryptopulco. This year, for the first time ever, we are running Cryptopulco for all four days on its own dedicated stage — This is because we believe cryptocurrencies are a key factor to getting to a free world.

Source: news.bitcoin

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