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Cryptocurrency Memes: The Only Assets That Can Survive a Bear Market

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If there are two things a bear market’s good for, it’s building and memeing. Your portfolio might be down, but if you’re anything like crypto Twitter, your meme bank will be filled to overflowing with riches. Bloody markets make for marvelous memes.

Bears Everywhere

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Twelve months ago, media outlets such as news.Bitcoin.com were running low on stock images of bulls to accompany stories of BTC hitting new all-time highs. One year on and it’s bears we’re running low on. Thankfully, internet image boards and Telegram channels are a ripe repository of the sort of bears last seen in childhood cartoons, now repurposed to suit the market we find ourselves in.

Do our memes reflect the mood of the markets or do the markets reflect the mood of our memes? Perhaps if we all shared more bulls in our cryptocurrency trading groups the good times would return.

Hide the Pain

While market downturns can be good for germinating new memes, they’re also good for resurrecting old ones. Hide the Pain Harold sticker sets have been seeing heavy usage on Telegram ever since BTC dropped below $6,000.


2018’s defining meme has undoubtedly been the non-player character (NPC). It’s been used mercilessly throughout the cryptocurrency space to mock opponents, with the Blockstream/Bitcoin Core Telegram pack one of the finest sticker collections currently doing the rounds.

Sergey and the Singularity

Some crypto memes are too arcane to explain. Quite why posters on 4chan’s /biz/ messageboard have fixated on the CEO of oracle project Chainlink doesn’t matter. Nor does it matter why they’re hoarding LINK in anticipation of an event dubbed The Singularity that’s supposedly going to make them stupidly rich. All that matters is poor Sergey Nazarov has been memed mercilessly, albeit for all the right reasons – namely humor and awareness by his devoted band of Link Marines.

ICO Bingo

You’ve probably already seen the bagholder bingo card:

In a week where the SEC laid the banhammer on a brace of ICOs, it seems the perfect time to share bagholder bingo’s sister card – ICO bingo:

Finally, no matter how rekt your portfolio might be, remember – it can always get rekter.

Source: news.bitcoin

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Магазин сайтов Top-Bit

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