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Korean Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Promote Crypto Trading

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A South Korean lawmaker has reportedly introduced a bill to promote cryptocurrency trading and the development of crypto exchanges. In addition to requirements such as capital, manpower, and internal systems, the bill proposes establishing a committee to promote and support crypto trading.

Promoting Crypto Trading

Korean lawmaker Kim Sun-dong, a member of the National Assembly’s Political Committee, announced last week that he has initiated the Digital Asset Trading Promotion Act, local media reported. Seoul Finance elaborated:

‘The Digital Asset Trading Promotion Act’ includes a comprehensive plan for establishing a guideline for promoting the development of virtual currency exchanges and blockchain technology, tax reduction and exemption, measures against hacking damage, and prevention of market disturbances.

Kim Sun-dong.

Kim emphasized the need for a law dedicated to promoting crypto businesses to avoid companies leaving Korea, citing Bithumb as an example. He pointed out that even though crypto transactions in Korea accounted for a large percentage of the domestic stock market transactions at the beginning of this year, one of the largest crypto exchanges, Bithumb, was recently sold to a Singapore-based consortium.

He also noted that Japan has already completed legislative procedures to institutionalize crypto transactions and the U.S. has allowed the trading of cryptocurrency derivatives.

About the New Crypto Bill

The bill first defines “virtual content with an apparent value such as online money, points, game items and virtual currencies as digital assets,” the publication detailed. It also defines the operators dealing with them as digital asset trading companies. The news outlet added:

Those who want to operate a digital asset trading business should have more than 3 billion won [~$2.66 million] in capital, enough manpower, computerized systems, and physical equipment to be approved by the Financial Services Commission [FSC].

If an exchange is hacked and its customers suffer losses of crypto assets, the bill submits that the exchange must assume the liability for damage to the traders.

The publication added that some examples of industry promotion mentioned in the bill include the establishment of a digital asset trading committee, the promotion of research and development projects, financial support, professional training, and tax reduction. According to Metro Seoul newspaper, the committee will be tasked with resolving issues requested by the FSC such as setting standards and policies relating to crypto assets, as well as coordinating between relevant administrative agencies.

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Kim was further quoted as saying:

The government is focusing only on the risk of virtual currency and concentrating only on the crackdown of illegal activities … In order to lead the global trend of blockchain technology development, it is necessary to prepare laws and regulations as soon as possible.

Source: news.bitcoin

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