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Wild Crypto Weekend: Sudden Rally Ends With Sharp Crash

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Third strong jump in the crypto market this February just ended as suddenly as it started. In half an hour, sharp correction pushed the whole market below the level it was before the rally that started on Saturday. (Updated on UTC 04:00 PM. Updates throughout the entire text.)

After registering more than 5% gains earlier today (UTC 07:29 AM), bitcoin crashed from USD 4.140 to almost USD 3.800 (UTC 03:33 PM). It’s down by more than 3% in the past 24 hours.

The absolute majority of other coins are also in red.

Top 10 coins by market capitalization:

Total market capitalization dropped by more than USD 10 billion, to USD 129 billion, or level last seen a week ago.



If you catch moves like these = "I'm a god trader, I am one with the markets."
If you don't = "Manipulated nonsense, literally nobody could have seen this coming."

Магазин сайтов Top-Bit

— ezbrah (@ezbrahBTC) February 24, 2019

Just woke up. Filled my bags . Good thing I waited

— Cameron (@styx817) February 24, 2019

$BTCUSD 4H pic.twitter.com/HqL4GvrRx1

— Nik Patel (@cointradernik) February 24, 2019

That is what I was waiting for. Gonna wait till tommorow to see how the market react and probably gonna buy more. I just thought $btc was gonna go a little higher (4250$).

— JG (@Grcar16) February 24, 2019

Source: cryptonews.com

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